Terms and procedure of membership of ENFA. 

- Candidate members have to be an official, recognised association according to their national regulations.
- Candidate members must have stated in their constitution that representing the interest of fibromyalgia patients is the main or one of the main purposes of the association.
- Candidate members should be a representative group of fibromyalgia patients in their country.
- Starting point could be 0,1% of the fibromyalgia patients of the candidates country. Fibromyalgia patients can be estimated by 1 % of the population from the candidates country. (The Netherlands, population 16 million, 160.000 fibromyalgia patients, 160 members required)

ENFA committee can give dispensation from this article if there are sufficient reasons.
1.     If an association is started recently.
2.     If there is the prospect that the association will reach the target within three years after starting the membership.

Full annual fee has to be paid from the moment that the membership is granted, starting in the year the membership starts. Candidate members have the right to ask the committee to start the membership at a later date.

- All applications and additional papers must be sent digitally to and must be in English.
- Application can only be made by filling in the form completely, accompanied by the constitution in English, a proof of registration and a certified notification of the number of members of the association.
- After receiving the application and all additional papers the candidate member will receive conformation of his application. Within 4 weeks  the candidate member will receive a copy of the recommendation on his membership to the committee. The candidate member has 4 weeks to react on this recommendation.
Within 3 months after the conformation the candidate member will receive the decision of the committee. 

These terms and procedure can be downloaded here

The application form for the membership of ENFA can be downloaded here


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