Fibromyalgia affects an estimated 14 million people in Europe. It has a devastating impact on those who suffer from the disease and also for those carers and families who are trying to support them. Also it imposes a large economic burdens on society and individuals.

Promote Fibromyalgia awareness to politicians, physicians, scientists and the general public on a European level


As Fibromyalgia is adopted by the European politicians by way of accepting the written declaration 69/2008. It is for ENFA to get the written declaration into action with a primary goal to get Fibromyalgia as a key topic in the European Health Programme.

Ways to reach that goal

In order to make that happen ENFA is working in a three pronged manner.
• ENFA has to strengthen the association by way of increasing membership and to improve their internal organization.
• ENFA has to work together with sister associations in order to get a bigger voice in Europe.
• ENFA has to work together with other European umbrella associations to get more involved in the policy making process.


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