Activities organized for the 12th of May Awareness day

Activities organized for the 12thof May Awareness day 2015




On the 12th of May 2015, the Fibromyalgia group of CYPLAR  organized a workshop under the  title "Colour and Light in our Life".  The workshop was led by Ms. Elena Hadjigeorgiou , Life coach and NLP trainer.







Together with the Swedish Rheumatism Association, the Fibromyalgia Association of Sweden arranged a lecture with Stefan Bergman, professor, GP and pain researcher. The theme of the lecture was “When Pain is the Disease” and naturally the focus was on fibromyalgia. A very interesting lecture. Afterwards we arranged a chat where Stefan Bergman answered questions on fibromyalgia.



                                              Focus Fibromyalgia Belgium

May 12, 2015 – International Day for Fibromyalgia

Symposium : Fibromyalgia, what news ?


Testimony of Françoise Tancré, physiotherapist suffering from fibromyalgia.

“Progress in the knowledge and treatments of fibromylgia”– Dr Masquelier, specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, member of Focus FM’s scientific committee.

“Importance of a healthy diet”– Dr Dewilde, specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Dr. DeWilde (R) and the president of Focus Nadine Chard’Homme



“Chronic pain and fatigue: what sexuality?”– Prof. A. Leqeux, specialist in medicine and gynaecology, sexology and marriage therapy.

Testimony of Annie Michaux, volunteer at Focus FM.

“Fighting against… fighting for…? Both!”– Dr J Grisart, doctor in psychology, specialising in chronic pain.

“Hello? What changes?”– D. Clerbaux, physiotherapist specialising in chronic pain.

“Hypnosis”– Dr C. Messaud, psychiatrist specialising in chronic pain.

“Activities and plans for the future for FOCUS Fibromyalgia Belgium”– Nadine Chard’Homme, nurse specializing in algology and president of FOCUS Fibromyalgia Belgium

Closing of the day: Recital by ‘Lucante’ choir.


The Symposium was a great success with more than 200 participants, among them, many health professionals. It was enhanced by the presence and participation of Mrs M. Payfa, representative in the Brussels Regional Parliament, president of the Commission for Health, who is working, quite successfully, for the proposition of a Resolution for FM in that Commission.




The Norwegian association had several activities across the country where they informed people about fibromyalgia.





For the awareness day on the 10thof May, Associazione Italiana Sindrome Fibromialgica organized an event in the medieval historical building of LA GRAN GUARDIA with the presence of Verona Mayor and the regional Minister of Health.




Fibromyalgia Association UK groups held many awareness events across the UK, including the spectacular lighting on the Millenium Bridge in Newcastle.



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