Anniversery programm Dutch Fibromyalgia Association

25th anniversary F.E.S. on Saturday 21th May 2011

The program for the 25th anniversary of the Dutch fibromyalgia association F.E.S. has been published. It shows a lot of activity for the patients.

The day starts at 10.30 with some speeches from the president of F.E.S., Mrs Johanna Boogerd-Quaak and the anniversary day chair, Mrs. Hannie van Leeuwen. It will be followed by a lecture from Dr. Hans Cats, Rheumatologist  on “Fibromyalgia Network Care”

At 12.00 the workshops will start. There are 9 workshops/lectures which cover all the aspects of fibromyalgia.

“Body and mind” by Rinie Geenen professor in psycho rheumatology.

“Revalidation with fibromyalgia” by Loes Swaan revalidation physician.

“Fibromyalgia and law issues” by Sjoerd Visser attorney.

“Working with a chronic disease? It’s possible” by Merrit Teunissen  experience coach. “Multidisciplinary approach on fibromyalgia patients” by René Zegers physiotherapist and Ans van den Berg  psychosocial therapist.

“Pain – present, past and future” by Frits Winter psychologist.

“Graded activity training for chronic pain” by Babette Beumer and René Speulman physiotherapists.

“Lack of understanding  go down on it or deal with it” Toon van Helmond psychologist.

“Added value of ENFA for patients” by Rob Boelhouwer and Joop van Griensven president and treasurer of ENFA.

 During the day there will be an information market in the building.

 The day will end at 15.30 with a plenary session.

 It will be held in:               NBC vergader- en congrescentrum

                                                Blokhoeve 1

                                                3438 LC  Nieuwegein

Parking is free but there are  also good public transport links.

The cost is €10,= which includes coffee, tea, lunch and entrance to all activities. A small present will be given at the end of the day.


For more information please contact:

F.E.S.     phone:+31(0)206862152

                Fax:        +31(0)206869130

                Mail :


Although the day is focused on the Dutch situation the aspects which are addressed are similar across Europe. So it could be of use for all of us.


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