Autum Conference PARE


The 15thEULAR Autumn Conference for PARE 2012 took place in Zurich Switzerland from 2-4 November 2012.  The theme this year, the same as last , was ‘move to improve‘, focusing not necessarily  on traditional exercise but  also on the benefits of physical activity in general.

There were presentations on the activities and projects of PARE on Friday and a visit to the EULAR HOUSE.   Workshops followed that included the 2020 Horizon, World Arthritis Day, EUMUSC.NET, a presentation of the Swiss League and patient involvement in research.  On Saturday we had an introduction to the EULAR call to action on physical activity, some workshops on how to launch the EULAR call to action successfully, and a presentation on the ways to change individual behaviour and become active.  A poster exhibition followed and a tour of the city.

On Sunday there were some interesting presentations and workshops on how to organize campaigns and events for fundraising. Also, an inspirational speaker talked about her personal experience of living with RA and the how she succeeds in living independently and able to engage in the sportingactivity she loves, namely riding.


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