Deutscher Fibromyalgietag

Deutscher Fibromyalgietag in Bad Kissingen

The German Fibromyalgia Association DFV had their annual fibromyalgia day on May 8th in Bad Kissingen.
Their President, Margit Settan, welcomed the visitors and wished them a fruitful meeting. In the morning session three lectures were held about pain, psychotherapy possibilities and feel good therapy on fibromyalgia.
During the lunch hour people could visit all kinds of information stands or choose a walk through the clinic park.
In the afternoon sessions there was room for lectures on the influence from psychotherapy, symptoms and their influence on diagnose and the metabolism of fibromyalgia.
Besides the lectures during the day there were workshops on welfare benefits, Qi Gong and fibro gym.
In the end DFV spoke out their gratitude to all the people who made it possible to organise this event.
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