EPF empowerment report

During  the EPF (European Patient Forum) conference on Patient Empowerment this campaign was launched. It is part of the Strategic Plan of EPF 2014-2020.


Goal 4: Patient Empowerment

To promote the development and implementation of policies, strategies and healthcare services that empower patients to be involved in the decision-making and management of their condition according to their preference, whilst raising awareness about their rights and responsibilities.


From ENFA secretary, Mateja Krzan who was participating in this conference, we heard about the importance of patient empowerment and that everyone sees the message below and acts on it.
 As you have noticed, EPF is leading a major campaign on Patient Empowerment to take the European discussions on this topic a crucial next step forward, towards concrete actions.
With this campaign, we aim to promote understanding of what patient empowerment means from the patients’ perspective among political decision-makers and health stakeholders. We want them to commit to concrete activities to promote the empowerment and meaningful involvement of patients as equal and respected partners.
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For more information, please visit our website www.eu-patient.eu.

If you want to be engaged further in the campaign, please email EPF Communications Officer Cynthia Bonsignore at cynthia.bonsignore@eu-patient.eu.

Mateja Krzan with the call to participate.


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