EULAR 2011 report

EULAR 2011 report

From May 25th/ 28th EULAR organized their twelfth Annual European Congress of Rheumatology in London, United Kingdom.

          As representatives of ENFA the president en treasurer,             Robert Boelhouwer and Joop van Griensven, went their to renew contacts and try to make some new. Although Fibromyalgia was not much in the spotlight their were some interesting lectures which they could follow. 

They spoke to the pharmaceutical companies  whit which they already had contact before. Nothing news was coming from that front but they were not forgotten about us.

Mostly they had contact whit PARE associations, the Patients wing of EULAR. For that reason they attended the PARE social diner on Thursday evening.

They also were able to speak to two members , Ernest Choy and PierreCarlo Puttini, of the medical advisory board. In fact they managed to arrange a meeting between those two and them selves. During this meeting they changed some ideas which will be followed up. When things will be more clear you will be notified about the outcome.

All and all it were some busy days in which we were able to get our name heard and our faces seen and got an follow up for the medical advisory board.

Joop van Griensven



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