Fibromyalgia Is Not All In Your Head


With this heading the Fibromyalgia world was surprised by the findings of the researchers. What they established was at least that it is not imaginary after all, as some doctors have believed for long.

The researchers had the objective: "to determine if peripheral neuropathology exists among the innervation of cutaneous arterioles and arteriole-venule shunts (AVS) in fibromyalgia (FM) patients.  According the abstract of the research."

The research shows as concluded: "AVS had significantly increased innervation among FM patients. The excessive innervation consisted of a greater proportion of vasodilatory sensory fibers, compared with vasoconstrictive sympathetic fibers. In contrast, sensory and sympathetic innervation to arterioles remained normal. Importantly, the sensory fibers express α2C receptors, indicating that the sympathetic innervation exerts an inhibitory modulation of sensory activity."

Although the results on it self are a breakthrough for further research the research itself was only done by 24 fibromyalgia patients with a control group of 23 people.

What the research has shown that there are more ways to discover the facts about fibromyalgia but one may not forget the evidence which was brought in before on the changes in brain activity as it shows a connection in the process which occurs in other chronic pain conditions as well.


Read the full article here.

Read the abstract here.

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