New EULAR recommendations on Fibromyalgia complete

New guidelines for the management of fibromyalgia presented at the EULAR Congress, London June 9 2016. After a period of 10 years working according the same guidelines EULAR decided to update these guidelines as more research and data is available to support the new guidelines.

The guidelines are bases on the following principles.

Optimal management requires prompt diagnosis

Full understanding of fibromyalgia requires comprehensive assessment of pain, function and psychosocial context.

It should be recognised as a heterogeneous condition where there is abnormal pain processing and other secondary features.

In general, the management of fibromyalgia should take the form of a graduated approach.

Management should aim on improving health-related quality of live balancing the benefit and risk which often requires a multidisciplinary approach with a combination of non-/pharmacological treatment modalities.

These should be tailored according to: pain intensity, function, associated features (e.g. depression), fatigue, sleep disturbance, patients co-morbidities: by shared decision making with the patient.

Initial management should focus on non-pharmacological therapies.

For the full recommendations and the download click here


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