New Year

The year 2010 comes to an end. The month of December is to look back on.

For ENFA it is a year with varying success. We welcome Slovenia as a new member. In October we were invited to attend the First European Forum on Fibromyalgia in La Coruna. A very good organised Conference by the Fibromyalgia Association ACOFIFA in La Coruna. Besides a lot of understanding lectures by professionals we also made friends. ENFA held also his General Meeting there. It was a pity that not every member could attend this Meeting due to a lack of money or time. For those who were present, they enjoyed these days very much. It would be wonderful if ENFA could combine a General Meeting with a Conference like in La Coruna organised by one of our members.

The ENFA Committee members participated in the EULAR Congress in Rome in June, where we made several contacts and attended interesting lectures regarding Fibromyalgia. We also did visit several pare meetings. Contacts are important because of future cooperation in a European way. We were present at a hearing on Internet Medication in the European parliament in April and we attended the European Patient Forum Spring Seminar in May on Health Technology Assessment, a priority area at EU level.In November ENFA attended the EULAR/PARE Autumn Conference in Berlin. One of the topics was the working out of the recommendations of the EU Belgian Presidency Conference on Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases. In December we participated in the Patient Partner in Clinical Trials Final Workshop. All these activities are important to exchange information and knowledge of what is going on in Europe. Also communication between different representatives is valuable.

For the coming year 2011 we hope to continue our activities and improve the communication between our members. Next year also some of our activities should be the extension of more member countries, intensify our contacts with organisations on EU level, starting with some projects and trying to get financing.

On behalf of ENFA I wish all our members personally with family and friends a happy Christmas and a healthy New Year.

Robert Boelhouwer President ENFA



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