ENFA present at European Hearing

On April 14th the treasurer of ENFA attended the European parliament hearing on: Impact of Internet Pharmacy and Medicine Services on Patients Healtcare and Safety. His report.

On April 14th, I went to the European Parliament to attend the hearing from the ALDE party on: Impact of Internet Pharmacy and Medicine Services on Patient Healthcare and Safety.

Chairs were the MEP’s Marian Harkin from Ireland and Antonyia Parvanova from Bulgaria.
There were some very interesting speakers. Some of you may know them.

Dr. Ambrose Mc Loughlin from Ireland (Pharmaceutical Society), Niall Dickson from United Kingdom (General Medical Council) and Isabel de la Mata from Spain (SANCO) talked about the service providers, fitness to practice and information sharing. All three are working in the field of regulators in public healthcare.

Nicola Bedlington United Kingdom (European Patients Forum) and Ilaria Passarani Italy (European Consumers Organization) talked about Telemedicine, Internet Pharmacy and Patients Perspectives.

Maureen Flynn Ireland (Office of Nursing Services) gave her view on Health Practitioner Perspectives: the Contribution to Patients Safety.

As usual the questions from the room came slowly so I managed to get the first question asked. I did that from the perspective of the regulation on internet sales on medicines and the differences of legal availability global wise. I did that after the first session. The general answer was that, considering that only in Europe there are different ways to look at the use of medicines, that would be a very difficult thing to accomplice. They did agree that this could be an issue in the regulation process. The main focus however is to give good, solid information to the public about the safety of buying medicines from the Internet.

Throughout the hearing this was the key message. There is a role for all stake holders on that item.

Afterwards I was able to speak with Antonyia Parvanova’s assistant about the situation on fibromyalgia in Bulgaria. They would try to find out some information for me and I will send them an email to confirm that promise.
I was also able to speak to Maureen Flynn and could ask her about the situation in Ireland and how nurse practitioners handle fibromyalgia. She did know that answer but said I could email her the question and she would try to give me an answer.
Also I managed to speak to Nicola Bedlington about becoming a member of EPF. I explained we did not have enough members to meet the qualifications. She said that that should not have to be a problem because there are ways to become a provisional member. We could find out more on that during the May meeting of EPF.

All and all I managed to get some contacts and was able to get our name mentioned in the minutes of the meeting.


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