PARE conference Dublin 2015

The 18thEULAR ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF PARE, was held at the Grand Hotel Malahide in Dublin, Ireland, from the 24th-26thApril.  ENFA was represented by two delegates, Ms Souzi Makri Vice President and Ms Lizi Schupack member of the board.

The general theme was ‘’Patient Centred Care –Taking Control’’.  After the opening by Mr. Marios Kouloumas, EULAR vice president representing PARE, the conference was addressed by the Irish Minister for Health, Mr Leo Varadkar.

An introductory presentation followed by Ms Claire Kinneavy, (Arthritis Ireland Board Member) about the RA-self management course offered by the organization to rheumatic patients.

During the 2 day conference, a lot of importance was placed on workshops with the participants taking an active role.  Some of the workshop topics were the following:

  • Dissemination of EULAR recommendations
  •  Skills –training on how to chair or moderate a session
  • The role of organizations in the development of health apps
  • Young PARE strategy
  • Campaigning of patient choice
  • Training of patients by organizations to improve shared decision making
  • Self-management and how organizations can assist their members to implement self management courses.

ENFA participated with a poster at the poster rally.  The objective of the poster was to inform participants of the effects of Fibromyalgia on the life  of patients, and show the imperative need for more awareness and information, for both patients and the general public, but also most importantly, for politicians and bureaucrats.  The first results of the survey circulated by ENFA were presented as part of the poster.

On the last day of the conference, a gala dinner was offered at the magnificent Dublin Castle with a live programme of Irish singers and dancers!


Souzi Makri

Vice President ENFA Board


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