PARE meeting "Lets work together" Berlin

Short report of the EULAR Autumn Conference for PARE in Berlin 5-7 November 2010.

The theme of the Conference was “Let’s work together”.

There were a lot of speakers with interesting topics. One of these was the report of the EU Belgium Presidency Conference on Rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases. This Conference was organised by EULAR in collaboration with the Belgium EU Presidency on 19 October 2010. The Belgian EU Presidency feels that there is a need to share knowledge and best practice in the prevention and treatment of these chronic illnesses. These diseases were selected as a major chronic disorder. The main Conference goals were: to develop recommendations for improving the prevention and management of these disorders and to identify best practices .

We discussed the 6 recommendations in a workshop in order to give concrete form to the questions as to what should be done, who is responsible and how will it be implemented.

Another interesting subject was the example of collaboration between young people with a rheumatic disease and a health organisation, a project from the Dutch Rheumatic League and the University Medical Centre in Utrecht, The Netherlands. A very transparent project on how young adults experienced their disease and how the interaction between client, parents and professional will take place.

Also the Deutsche Rheuma-Liga, celebrating their 40 years jubilee had an interesting lecture about activities for children and juveniles with rheumatism and their families.

Most of the lectures were discussed in detail in workgroups and the results were presented in plenum.

The Autumn Conference was very laborious, well organised and we all feel satisfied with the results.  Let’s work together in practice was successful!

The next Conference will be during EULAR Congress in London in May and the Autumn Conference will be in Athens, Greece from 25-27 November 2011.            

Robert Boelhouwer



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