Particiaption whit EMA

                               Participation with EMA.                              

A representative of ENFA is invited to participate in the joint Annual PCWP / HCP WG meeting of the EMA on Thursday June 16th. On the agenda are items which are of importance for patients who are looking for information, those who are participating in clinical trials, geriatric developments and proposed changes on the pharmacovigilance legislation.

PCWP stands for Patient/Consumer Working Party, HCP WG stands for HealthCare Profesionals Working Group and EMA stands for European Medicines Agency.

This joint meeting will be followed by a stakeholders meeting on Friday June 17th.  This will be the first time ENFA is officially recognized as a stakeholder by the EMA.  On this day also the pharmacovigilance will be discussed whit as specific items the Public Hearings and Direct Patient Reporting.


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