German Fibromyalgie union (DFV) inc. federal federation

Street: Waidachshoferstr. 25
District: 74743 Seckach
Country: Deutschland
Phone: +49 6292928758


Board members:


President name: Settan Margit
Vice-president: Klemme Karin  
Secretary: Pfeiffer Katharina 
Treasurer: Hennefuss Cornelia 
Member: Dexl Claudia
Member: Eckstein Jurgen

Member: Medek Anita

Manger: Wamser Petra



The German Fibromyalgie Union (DFV) inc. was founded in 1996. We were the first federal federation for fibromyalgia in Germany. We have founded the first fibromyalgie groups to move affected persons on and to make them strong, so that they can assert themselves with doctors. We have begun big clarification campaigns to draw the attention of doctors to the heavy impact of the illness. By our helping, the seriousness of fibromyalgia syndrome was taken up. Also for people with fibromyalgia to receive pension we have fought and fight still.


Clarification about the possible causes and results of the pain illness, fibromyalgia syndrome. We support the research around to find perhaps a common cause. We further clear on about our member's magazine "OPTIMISTEN" in which there is a lot of individual information including, technical literature, the media of radio and television and the press. We hold symposia nationwide. We organize yearly the German Fibromyalgia Day. We have compiled in approximately 2-year work with 12 medical fields the S3 guidelines. (This is the highest guideline for doctors and health insurance). In the guideline it was recognised that Fibromyalgia is a pain illness.


Achievements, Activities and Events:

Before 2008


Activity name Objectives Date Venue
Fibromalgie day Clarification, information yearly all over the country
Symposia Clarification, information 3-5 yearly Medical centres
Groups speaker trainings Togetherness promote IN 2003 Seckach
Television appearances Announcement, clarification    

In 2008


Activity name Objectives Date Venue
Fibromyalgia 1. European world day in 2008 Abolition of the consciousness in the European level On the 7th May 08 Brussels, Belgium
Press conference Consciousness increase 12th June Paris / France
Fibromyalgie day Clarification 03rd May Potsdam / Germany
Groups speaker training Public relations 11th-13th of July Barsinghausen/Germany

Future activities


Activity name Objectives Date Venue
Media Big campaign Summer, 2008 to? Germany
Symposia / groups speaker trainings Together with affected persons our purposes move / public relations Summer, 2008 to? Germany
Doctors and health insurance schemes Conviction work to health insurance scheme achievements Summer, 2008 to? Germany
ENFA European-wide exchange immediately Europe

Expectations from the Network

We think it is very important to have a common European platform, where we can assemble all of our resources, and together influence the European Parliament. We also feel that it is important to find new ways of collaboration in order to increase the research on fibromyalgia. With a common website ENFA can present the knowledge of all of its member associations, which will help us in our future work.


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