Sweden SRA

The Swedish Rheumatism Association, SRA.

Street: Alströmergatan 39 Box 12851
District: 112 98 Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Tel:  +46 8 505 805 00
Fax:  +46 8 505 805 50
E-Mail:    info@reumatikerforbundet.org
Website: www.reumatikerforbundet.org

Board members:

President name: Anne Carlsson
First Vice President: David Magnusson
Second Vice President: Bo Jonsson
Member: Sara Hjalmarsson
Member: Greta Thorén 
Member: Suzanne Ahlkvist 
Member: Bertil Eklund
Member: Claes Stjernström 
Member: Margreth Halvarsson
Member: Mari Norén Hedberg
Member: Anna Schéle
Member: Kurt Jörgensen
Member: Steinar Walsö-Kanstad
Member: Bo Ringertz 
Member: Caroline Liljegren  

ENFA representative:Gunilla Göran  gunillagoran@hotmail.com

 SRA was founded in 1945 and in 1991 SRA accepted responsibility to support people with fibromyalgia in negotiations with the Swedish Neurological Association. Since that SRA has visited decision makers within the government and the parliament, the national social insurance office, the national board of health and welfare to demand better conditions for people with fibromyalgia, especially regarding health care and research. SRA has also sponsored scientific studies on health economics and have been able to show that people in Sweden with fibromyalgia generate the highest costs of all rheumatic diagnoses.  SRA is the biggest handicap organization in Sweden and has 52,000 members and 10,000 members have fibromyalgia.

International work: SRA is part of the Nordic Rheumatism Council NRR, European League against Rheumatism EULAR, Lupus Europe, Ankylosing Spondylitis International Federation ASIF and Osteoporosis Europe IOF.
 SRA influences society and decision makers. We pursue matters in the community, provide everyday support and finance research to contribute to solving the riddle of rheumatism. The Swedish Rheumatism Association’s goal is social development that gives all people with rheumatic diseases full participation and equality in all areas of society. Important areas are care and rehabilitation, education and work .There are 200 local branches divided in to 24 districts over the whole country. Locally and regionally the districts and the local branches work to influence municipalities and county councils. Most of them have study circles about fibromyalgia, social groups, and also arrange lectures and celebrate International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day.

Achievements, Activities and Events:

Before 2010:

Activity name




Fibro Life

Information about FM. Help to organize self-help groups, 7 different study-books. 4000 people involved in study-groups. 16000 people attended lectures and 500 FM-members were educated in order to became study leaders. The project was presented in EULAR and other scientific conferences.



Annual Scientific Day

Annual conference to the public on recent fibromyalgia research




Regionally  rehabilitation program for fibromyalgia patients.

Translation of our patient brochure into seven different language


To have rehabilitation program all over the country. Up to now there is six regions in Sweden having rehabilitation programs  


To give immigrants help to profit information about fibromyalgia

Self-management courses

for self-help groups. Based upon Kate Lorig´s R.N Dr.PH material                                       





New leaflet produced

“To live with fibromyalgia”

Information and guidance also to be used for self-help groups



International research conference.

“Initiative Pain”

To develop the research on chronic non malignant pain from the musculoskeletal system



Research project 1.8 million SKR.”Action Against Pain”

Research project at the only hospital in Sweden for rheumatic diseases


Spenshult hospital


SRA  became a member of ENFA

To cooperate throw out Europe to raise awareness about fibromyalgia


Workshop for health care professionals about chronic pain

To inform and improve health care professionals about fibromyalgia



“Initiative Pain” 

1.5 million SKR. each year        

Improving care for people with chronic pain 



“Initiative Pain”

Create a national web based centre for chronic pain



Myopain and Leaders Against Pain meeting

Lectures of recent research, advocacy workshop


Washington D.C

Expectations from the Network:By working together through ENFA and become a strong voice we want to achieve awareness about fibromyalgia and be influential at the European level in all aspects.


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