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Fibromyalgia Association UK

Street: Studio 3013 Mile End
District:Abbey Mill Business Centre, 12 Seedhill road
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Country: United Kingdom
Tel: +44 8448872510
E-Mail: head.office@fmauk.org
Website: www.fmauk.org


Board members:


President: Pam Stewart
Secretary: Janet Horton 
Member: Gerry Crossley
Member: Des Quinn 



Fibromyalgia Association UK was first established in 1992 to provide information to people with fibromyalgia. In 1997 it began working also with the 40 support groups around the country providing free information leaflets and books for sale. There are now over 120 support groups working with FMA UK and a network of regional coordinators who help set up new groups and arrange regional events such as meetings and conferences. We have also held national and regional conferences with international speakers for both people with fibromyalgia and medical professionals. Currently we supply information through our website, monthly magazine and professional and patient booklets. We have a national helpline for general enquiries about fibromyalgia and one specifically for benefit queries. The All Party Parliamentary Group on Fibromyalgia was formed in 2001 and holds regular meetings to inform MPs of the problems surrounding fibromyalgia and possible solutions. Our Medical Advisory Board is comprised of expert medical professionals in various disciplines who provide information for our publications and specific queries. The charity is mostly run by volunteers without whom we would not be able to provide the level of service we do.


  • To make people aware of fibromyalgia and its affects: to the public at large and to the health professionals that are responsible for diagnosing and treating people with the condition.
  • To support people with fibromyalgia through contact with support groups and others with the condition.
  • To lobby for more effective, available treatment.


Achievements, Activities and Events:

Before 2008

Activity name Objectives Date Venue
Leaflet produced Information and guidance 1992 Stockport UK
Registered as charity Official recognition 1994  
Benefit helpline Provide specific support for benefit queries. 1995 Chorley UK
National meeting(since held annually around the UK) To bring support groups together 1996 Stourbridge
Magazine produced To provide information   Stourbridge
First national conference Raise awareness 1998 Harrogate
Website launched Reaching a wider audience 2000 Stourbridge
Attendance at fibromyalgia conference Networking, information gathering 2000 Los Angeles
UK national conference Raising awareness and recent updates in knowledge 2000 Bournemouth
All Party Parliamentary Group formed Raise awareness amongst MPs 2001 House of Commons London
National Helpline established To enable calls to be taken by volunteers outside of the office 2001 Throughout the UK
UK national conference Raising awareness and recent updates in knowledge 2002 Harrogate
Medical Advisory Board To provide panel with expert knowledge 2003 Throughout the UK
GP information leaflet Provide information for all GPs in diagnosing fibromyalgia 2003 Thoughout the UK
Information pack for new groups To provide information and guidance to people wanting to start a support group 2003 Throughout the UK
UK national conference Raising awareness and recent updates in knowledge 2004 Imperial College London
Medical professionals managing fibromyalgia booklet Provide information to medical professional about diagnosis and treatment 2004 Throughout UK
Stand at professional conference (Annually) To inform medical professionals about diagnosis and treatment of fibromyalgia 2005 NEC Birmingham
Volunteer awards(annually) To recognize the vital contribution made by volunteers 2005 Stourbridge
Regional conference Raising awareness and recent updates in knowledge 2006 Hull
New information booklet produced Provide a professional quality publication 2006 Stourbridge
Regional conference Raising awareness and recent updates in knowledge 2007 Liverpool
Myopain and Leaders Against Pain meeting Updating on recent research, advocacy workshops 2007 Washington USA
EULAR meeting Updating on recent research 2007 Barcelona
Joined ARMA To add the fibromyalgia perspective to this network 2007 UK

In 2008

British Rheumatology Society Conference Raise awareness amongst medical professionals within the rheumatology field 23rd -25th April Liverpool
1st European World Fibromyalgia Day 2008 Raising awareness at the European Level 7th of May 08 Brussels, Belgium
Coffee Morning for MPs Raise awareness amongst MPS 12th May 08 Portcullis House London
Group leaders' meeting Improve awareness raising 6th June 08 City Hospital Nottingham
Attended International Leaders Against Pain Network with other organisations and improve awareness technique through workshop sessions 11 – 14 August 2008 Washington DC
Awareness Week For support groups around the UK to raise awareness through coffee mornings and other local events 6th12th  September  2008 various

In 2009

Activity name Objectives Date Venue
All Party Parliamentary Group on Fibromyalgia To raise awareness amongst MPs of the problems faced by people with fibromyalgia 10th February 2009 House of Commons
Young people’s booklet produced To give information to young people with coping strategies. March 2009  
British Society of Rheumatology conference To raise awareness of treatment for fibromyalgia among the rheumatology team 28th -29th April 2009 Glasgow
International Awareness Day To raise awareness amongst the general public 12th May 2009 various
Group Leaders meeting For group leaders to discuss best practice with FMA UK and network 6th June 2009 Stourbridge
Awareness week To raise awareness of fibromyalgia amongst the general public 7th13th  September various
NW Conference Information for people with fibromyalgia and professionals 12th September 2009 Arrowe Park Hospital Merseyside

Expectations from the Network

By working together we hope to have a greater voice in Europe to bring about the recognition needed to improve diagnosis and treatment of fibromyalgia. To enable this by organizing and coordinating events to raise awareness throughout Europe.


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