Reoprt Aniversary F.E.S.

25thAnniversary Dutch Fibromyalgia Association F.E.S.

On may 21th the Dutch Fibromyalgia association celebrated their 25thanniversary. The did that by organising a conference and workshops for the members during the whole day. In the morning there was a plenary session in which the President of the F.E.S.  and the Honorary Chair addressed the almost 500 present members.

The Honorary Chair who was the former member of parliament which made it possible that patient associations could get funding from the government. She pointed out the importance of patient associations. Not only in times when it is a good economical time but specially when there are troubled times like now a days. In solidarity patients can achieve much more so associations have to work together in fields were there is a common interest and separately when it is patient specific.

The President gave some historical background of the association and memorised  that they came from a log way but still have a long way to go to reach al the goals. She encouraged al the present members to look for more members because the more members the more the fibromyalgia voice will be heard in The Netherlands. She also encouraged the members to do voluntary work for the association. Although there already a lot of them busy in the association more help is wanted. The give an exempla of what could be achieved she called two members who served the association for so long. She awarded them whit a honorary membership.

After this official part there was a lecture about “Fibromyalgia Network Care”. Dr Hans Cats was able to keep his audience interested for over one hour. His explanation about Fibromyalgia and al of its components, from start to finish, was well and clearly explained for everybody.

This celebration got an special scoop because during the lecture of dr. Hans Cats the website was launched by the president of the F.E.S. This site wants to be a link between patients, medical professionals, insurance companies and government. So everyone is able to find the best possible care within his reach.

After this it was time for lunch and visit the exhibition. Several firms were present and showed there stuff. There were line dancers who encouraged every one o join them. A lightning artist showed his potential and of course there were pictures form the history of the F.E.S. In the afternoon there was time for the workshops. One of them was done by the Dutch committee members of ENFA who pointed out the added value of an European Network for the individual patient.

In the end there was a plenary session which was interrupted by Henrike Brouwer a cabaret performer who made the still present members burst into a laugh and made them sing along.

Pictures of this day can be seen on  photo report


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