Report on "Milla Para"

The Spanish Association of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue from A Coruña (ACOFIFA) organized yesterday (July first) a popular race under the motto “Trapped in pain, fight against the Fibromyalgia”, The objective was  to inform and raise awareness about a disorder still unknown to society. The event took place at “jardines de Méndez Núñez”and  Obelisco.

This race aimed to launch the message pointing out the importance of  physical exercise to improve the quality of life as much as possible. At the same time  it recovers  the traditional one mile-race  for the city of A Coruña that stopped to be celebrated years ago.

More than 200 people took part in the race, those in charge of the organization are happy with this as it took place during summer break and it was the first time ACOFIFA organized this kind of event. Many people also registered with number 0 to collaborate with the Association.

There were several categories, from under 10 years of age up to  veteran without limit of age. A walk for solidarity in which all the categories were able to take part and in which sufferers were able to participate. Their ailment did not enable them to do the physical effort involved in the races.

Records were broken in junior categories in Galicia by FranciscoDíaz Llera from the club” Coruña Comarca”, who covered the distance in  4 minutes and 30 seconds and  Sergio Rodríguez Quintana from the same club with a time of 4.39.

There were presents for all participants, including commemorative T-shirts and gifts and a draw of presents donated by the small trade  of A Coruña, including  the yellow jumper of the Champion of the TOUR 2006, Oscar Pereiro, signed by himself,  a  one weekend’s stay at the Spa of Mondaríz, one trip  to a first class Galician spa  

Attendance included  the town councilor responsible for sports, Francisco Mourelo, who gave the starting signal for several races and  took part in the walk for solidarity together wit sufferers and other people who supported them.  

ACOFIFA also took this opportunity to pay homage to Dr. Fernández Solá for his work and dedication to  patients with Fibromyalgia and for his willingness to help ACOFIFA every time his help was needed, to ACOFIFA’s senior volunteer, Susan Morales for her always selfless dedication to the association and finally to the association Barrie de la Maza for collaborating with ACOFIFA. They were given statues by Julia Ares and Soledad Penalta from A Coruña.

From ACOFIFA, we wold like to send our gratitude to participants or all those who collaborated  in any way with us in the organization of this first race, which intends to continue in the following years.


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