Thank You PAM


Dear Reader,


Due to a change in personal circumstances, our president Pam Stewart is forced to leave the ENFA board. Although she has not been president of ENFA for long, she was involved in the board from May 2008 as Secretary and Vice-president and at a later stage as President.


In this role, she had a big influence in developing ENFA and made sure our members were always kept informed of ENFA’s plans and activities. She also had a strong voice in the development of the policy of ENFA guided by an enormous awareness of the needs of the people with fibromyalgia and the possibilities of working for them at a European level. During her membership of the board, she spent many, many hours in the development of ENFA to make sure everything worked as it should.


During the period she was involved as board member of ENFA, the other board members have appreciated her as not only a very well-qualified person but also, or maybe even more, as a warm, friendly and caring person with whom it was good spending time.


We, the board of ENFA, and surely also the members and the patients will miss her.  However, we understand her choices and we wish her all the best for the future.  Although she may be far away in miles, in our hearts and minds she still is nearby.

  Pam Stewart


The board of ENFA


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