Udruzenje Obolelih od Reumatskih Bolesti Srbije - ORS

Street: Resavska 69

District: 11000 Belgrade

Country: Serbia

Tel: +381 60 3344692



Board members:

President name: Prim Dr. Mirjana Lapcevic

Vice President name: Marija Kosanovic

Treasurer: Zora Radovic

Member: Zivan Pavlovic

Member: Jelena Vojinovic


Fibromyalgia contact person: Jasmina Simic

Tel: +381 64 27 020 27



History, Objectives, Expectations:

ORS was founded in 2007 with the idea to encourage illness prevention, improve rehabilitation and re-socialization processes among patients with rheumatic diseases and rheumatic symptoms by providing information and educating its members, their families and broader public.

Support Group for Fibromyalgia Patients was set up in 2015 with the objective to raise awareness about fibromyalgia, and to primarily help FM patients understand their symptoms and deal with them through positive encouragement, sharing experience and educating the patients and family members. Serbian language is very similar to Macedonian, Montenegrin, Bosnian and Croatian so we are happy to say that nowadays, after only one year of existence, our group’s messages are visible and make impact even across the borders.Our final objective is to have all health professionals in Serbia informed about FM so that the patients can have early diagnosis and better life.

Through the membership with ENFA we want to support its endeavors to raise awareness about fibromyalgia in Europe, to share our all our knowledge and to learn.


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